Nancy Alexander, PT, CSCS


There are too many adults in pain, they won’t move, and they won’t participate in family activities and events.  The more they sit, the more they sit.  They disengage from family and friends.  They hurt and they are tired.  They are depressed and cannot see a way out.

It doesn’t have to be this way…

I love watching adults feel better, have less pain, and take less medications.  I smile when I see how strong they are, how confident they are.  They engage… they participate in activities they enjoy.  They do this with family and friends.  They smile.  They laugh.  They support each other. They participate in life.

I love using my physical therapy training, my medical knowledge, my experience and expertise, my life training as a daughter and caregiver for my father.  I love using all of it to educate and celebrate adults who want to live their best life.  I use it to age well.  You and me.  Together.  With one another.  We do it together.  Because we can live a better life.  And it starts now.agingwellNOW_logo

Feel Better.   Move Better.   Live Better.


Welcome to Aging Well Now.  Join our community of like-minded adults who want the rest of their life to be the best it can be.  Our goal is to educate you and inspire you to improve your health, fitness and quality of life.  Together, we can achieve more than we ever thought possible.  Let’s start now…

New blog posts appear a couple times a month.  Please stay in touch and subscribe to my blog.

Let me know how I can help you!

Keep moving!




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